Life Events

Life events are a common occurrence. In one person’s lifetime, everyone will go through life event that changes their personal and financial situation. It may also affect your health care situation – including your health insurance benefits. There are federal laws that affect your benefits whether in you’re in an employer based health plan or you qualify for coverage under the HealthCare Marketplace.

Special Enrollment Period

According to, there are 4 basic type of qualifying life events that may allow someone to have special enrollment period.  With all of these types of events, it is important to ensure that you meet the timeline requirements, which in most cases are 60 days.

  • Loss of health coverage
  • Changes in household
  • Changes in residence
  • Other qualifying events – such as changes in income
Loss of Health Coverage

Loss of health coverage can occur if lose your job, lose coverage through eligibility for government sponsored plans such as Medicare or Medicaid or can no longer obtain coverage under a parent or guardian because you’re over 26 years old.

changes in household

If you have recently got married, had a baby or adopted a child, got divorced or legally separated or experienced the death of a loved one, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

Changes in residence

If you have recently moved to a new home with a new zip code or moved to the United States from a foreign county, you may be eligible for a qualifying life event.  In addition, if you are a student have moved to a new place and you are not covered under your parent’s insurance, you may also qualify.

Other Qualifying Changes

Changes in income which do not allow you to be eligible for government programs or are a new citizen of the United States may also allow you to quality for a Special Enrollment Period.   If you have any additional questions whether you qualify, check out Special Enrollment Periods for complex issues.

Stay informed

If you do not have health insurance with your employer, but you have a life event, you also may have the option to obtain coverage (individual or family) through the Healthcare Marketplace. Check out the website for more details.